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NEW! 100% compostable plastic

To most people, plastic sounds not sustainable. How can plastic be 100% compostable? Please let us explain.
100% compostable plastic is made from wood pulp, maize starch or sugar beet. This film looks like plastic, but it is made of 100% natural raw materials. The bag can be sealed and gives extra protection against external influences. Of course, it is also allowed to come into contact with food. So a conscious and sustainable choice!

Natureflex™ is made of 100% paper pulp and is 100% compostable. The film serves as a plastic layer and has the same appearance. The film is transparent, strong and shiny, so it can be used for window bags. The barrier properties are better than standard plastic materials and the film is compostable!

Unique properties:

  • 100% compostable / 100% bio-based (certified in accordance with European standard EN 13432)
  • FSC-certified paper
  • Excellent barrier properties against external influences (oxygen, moisture, resistant to oils and fats)

Difference between PLA and NatureFlex™: Both materials are made of 100% natural materials, but NatureFlex™ has had a special treatment and therefore has a high barrier.

Material structures
Laminated bags

Good advice about the material structure is a must for choosing the perfect pouch for your products! There are many material structures possible at PouchDirect and each material has its own characteristic. We are happy to help you making the right choice.

Does your product need protection against water vapor, oxygen, UV light or odor? Then we can add a barrier material to your pouch.

Material structures

    • Which color do you like?

    • Which appearance do you like? (Kraft (natural) / plastic / shiny / matt)

    • Does your product require a high barrier against external influences? (light / moisture / oxygen)

    • Does your product have a strong odor?

    • Is your product greasy?

    • Do you prefer a window?

  • Do you want recyclable pouches / compostable pouches?