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Buffalo 200 Servo DP

Buffalo 200 Servo DP

  • Artikelnummer: 2053-Buffalo 200 DP

Buffalo 200 Servo DP

Full automatic pre made pouch machine.
Compatible with:

Flat bottom pouch

Regular zipper, with or without valve

Stand up pouch

With or without zipper/valve

3 side seal pouches

With or without zipper

The Buffalo 200 takes care of processing the pouches. To dose your product, dosing equipment (separate machine) will be installed above the machine's filling funnel. If you fill two separate products, the machine can be extended to add another filling station. There are 6 stations in the machine which all have 1 or more functions: Bag Picking, Zipper Opening, Filling, Zipper Closing, Gas flush and Sealing. An automatic Double Cartridge Pouch Feeder and a Label applicator (mounted on the pouch feeder) makes this machine the Labour saving machine. Furthermore, the machine is available in both operating directions. The machine can be equipped with the above options according to your needs.


Max weight to handle 2 kg
max speed15 bpm with 1 sec discharge filling time
Max bag size 310 x 400 mm
Multi bag format Easy to switch bag size
Dimensions1700 x 1800 x 1320 mm
Power supply230V


  • Automatic pouchfeeder
  • Automatic label applicator
  • Inkjet printer with bag holder
  • Bottom vibrator
  • Zipper opener
  • Zipper closer
  • Gas flush at filling station (<5% rest Oxygen)
  • Exit conveyor

Please email us with the product and the type of bag you are using and ask for the full brochure.
Or feel free to contact our machine department +316 129 363 27.

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